• Visa Token Service

    A unifying platform for mobile and digital payments.


Visa Token Service can help you build and maintain your digital payment experiences while protecting consumers’ sensitive information from fraud.

Why Visa Token Service

Three turnkey tools

Visa Token Service comprises three turnkey parts: token management services, Visa Token Vault and Visa Risk Manager.

Get started with the Visa Digital Enablement Program

Visa’s Digital Enablement Program provides streamlined access to Visa Token Service. Issuers can start offering a wide variety of digital payment options—including Android Pay and Samsung Pay—as they become available.

Fast and easy integration

Connect quickly and easily with no need for multiple technology integrations.

Simple and scalable framework

Drive growth through a simple, scalable plan with no pass-through fees.
Illustration of a padlock with a keyhole in the middle.

Robust protection

Receive a powerful combination of security and consumer data protections.

Q + A

Answers to commonly asked questions about Visa Token Service.

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